Fox Control
Bridge Coil Leghold Trap For Foxes

Lure which is used on and around sets to stimulate and attract fox.

Leg Trap For Foxes hidden in the ground   Animal Snares for Fox
Any culvert is a great place to make a snare set   FOX caught

Snares are the latest traps being used for animals. Made from 3/32 steel cable and one way sliding locks, snares are designed to close around animals as they pass through the snares open gap. The noose will close, preferably over the animals body, and will hold the animal alive if properly anchored. Heavier cables are available for extra large animals.

Recent trap design combined with "step trapping" will enable to live trap fox. Step trapping is the process of putting a trap out unset with the door wired open. Food is then presented to the target animal over a period of nights. Normally, we would offer food outside the trap the first night, at the traps entrance the second night and then in the trap the third night still without actually setting it. We can disguise the trap by covering it with landscape on the sides, top and bottom. One very effective way to camouflage the trap is to utilize lalang, plants & other vegetation, and lots of them. The trick is to completely surround the trap which includes the sides, the back and the top. Pull straw through the mesh from inside the trap. We will use either mud, dirt or more lalang/straw to cover the bottom of the cage. The cage will be made to appear as a small hollow in the side of a stacked quantity of lalang straw when the set is made properly. Fox or Musang are accustomed to seeing straw stacked this way as they are accustomed to seeing wire in farm areas so we don't have to cover every exposed piece to have success.

Setting live traps effectively could involve covering it with straw, plants, and other vegetation. Another good idea is to place dirt and other natural ground cover on the wire mesh of the traps floor. This picture is of a trap which is holding a fox.
Fox Live Trap

Two repellent products that are approved for use against foxes are:

  • Renardine, based on bone oil.
  • Scoot, containing aluminium ammonium sulphate.
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