Signs of Fox
Claw marks, evidence of feeding at the entrance to earths and the characteristic foxy smell are all indications that earths are in use. Fox tracks show as a triangular pad with four toes arched tightly around it. Other signs may be droppings or hairs on thorns or barbed wire on fences. Fox droppings are pointed at the ends can be any colour from brown to grey and contain some indigestible matter such as hair, bone fragments or beetle carapaces. A fox’s scent can remain in the air for up to 48 hours. The urban fox’s diet is mainly scavenged food put out for them and other wildlife. A survey showed they also eat small birds, a few wild animals, windfall fruit, insects and earthworms.

Approved Control Methods Current options available for control of foxes in Malaysia are:

  • Poisoning
  • Trapping
  • Shooting
  • Guard animals
  • Exclusion fencing.
  • The choice of control method should suit the individual circumstances.
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