MAXPRO provides the following services for Vector Control Management:

  • Cold Fogging (using Mist Blowers)
  • Thermal Fogging
  • Truck-Mounted ULV Spraying
  • Larvaciding

These services are provided to control dengue menace and the nuisance caused by other flying insects.
We are the appointed contractors to Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya (MPSJ) to provide Fogging, ULV and Larvaciding for the municipality of Subang Jaya for a period of 2 years commencing in 2009.



Cold Foggers (Mist Blowers) are used to apply insecticides in enclose spaces such as in warehouses, hospitals, and residential areas. Maxpro uses these sprayers outdoors for mosquito and flies control programs.
It is also used in controlling flying insects such as tobacco beetles, flies, mosquitoes, moth etc. and crawling insects (cockroaches). We use insecticide formulation recommended for ULV, when applying this type of sprayers.

The control of diseases vectors and nuisance insects such as mosquitoes, black flies, house flies, and sand flies is an important part of any public health program. MAXPRO has a range of equipment available that is suitable for Adulticiding (controlling the flying adults) situations. Based on free consultation basis, our Entomologist will recommend the best option for you. Thermal Fogging is the preferred type of equipment when it is necessary to penetrate dense vegetation or when it is desirable to see the fog in the coverage area.

ULV spraying helps to prevent environmental damages with minimum application quantities per surface area. MAXPRO thermal fog generators can be used both indoors and outdoors to produce a dense insecticidal fog. This takes immediate action with the right active ingredient and destroys both flying and crawling insects. In suitable weather conditions outdoors, the fog effectively passes through an affected area with a minimum of environmental contamination. This enables an immediate control over fly + insect nuisances. We practice Green Pest management system that uses environment friendly insecticides.


Larvaciding is applied to control the population of adult mosquitoes by hindering its growth during its life cycle. We spray larvicide in areas where stagnant water is normally found:

  • Overflow ponds
  • Flood irrigated fields
  • Water in discarded tires
  • Discarded refuse ie. soft drink containers and steel cans
  • Rain gutters
  • Drains with stagnant water
  • Swimming pools, etc.

These sites are monitored and once larvae are found in sufficient numbers, treatment will be applied.
MAXPRO’s IPM approach includes surveillance, source reduction, larviciding and adulticiding to control mosquito populations.

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