Bird Spikes


Polymer spikes

This innovative pest bird control roosting deterrent product is highly effective. Developed as a simple, humane, permanent solution to the problem of pest birds, this bird deterrent product is designed to prevent birds from landing, roosting and nesting in inappropriate places and has been widely used worldwide in industrial, commercial, public and domestic situations. The product is moulded in transparent U.V. treated polycarbonate, making it both cheaper and less obtrusive product. It is readily fixable to ledges, cornice , rafters or sills with adhesives, nails or screws.


  • Transparent & Flexible
  • Durable - U.V. Proofed.
  • Easy to install. Placed in end to end fashion continuously.
  • Available in one ft length
  • Can be Installed on any kind of surface

If required, the Polycarbonate Bird Spike strips can be cut to length to provide an exact fit. Because these spikes are made totally of polycarbonate, they are non-conductive, so will not interfere with electronic communications. They can in certain instances be attached to TV aerial to prevent from nuisance birds from landing and fouling.


Bird Control wires

Bird Control wires is a very effective, efficient and long lasting bird control system that protects the pigeons and other birds to crop in. It can be implemented anywhere in buildings, openings etc against pet birds.

Target Birds: Pigeons, Crows, Gulls and other large pet birds. It consists of nylon coated, spring tensioned stainless steel wires that is attached to stainless steel posts at different intervals.


  • Cost effective and easy to implement
  • Very discreet and neat
  • Stainless Steel and nylon coated wires are used
  • Bird Coils

Bird Coils are very easy, discreet and neat method to install on all the ledges and spaces. It is the most versatile, easy to use bird perching system. Two rows of the coil can be fastened side by side to protect wider ledges. How it works ? It destabilizes the ledge causing unwanted pigeons and gulls to take their mess elsewhere. Due to soft edges, these coils are safer for both workers and birds.

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